Giving Back by Being Brutally Honest = Priceless!


Inspirational Adult ADHD Author Jeff Emmerson’s morning view from his Calgary balcony on October 1, 2013.

By Jeff Emmerson

I’m realizing more than ever that to really reach people around the world, you’ve got to be honest, credible and transparent. Well, that’s how it is in my case, anyway. As Adult ADHD Awareness Month starts with this first day of October, I’m working hard to build my author platform and get the word out about my up-coming inspirational memoir. I’m sharing some of my greatest traumatic moments with others out there in hopes that they will be inspired, feel support from someone just like them, and seek help to get the most from life. It’s working, I’m happy to announce!

As of today, I’m about to break the 100-plus number for views on my Adult ADHD Blog, and this blog is right up there as well! I’ve only been at it for a couple of weeks, so I’m really pleased with the progress of these blogs so far. My memoir manuscript will be in editing as of January 2014 officially, as I had to push things back a touch after moving across Canada and getting into a new career. That said, my editor and I are ironing out the contract details as we speak, and things are moving ever-forward toward getting a book deal!! Man, it’s been a long time coming. I WILL NOT STOP, however. This is what I’m meant to be doing as a higher calling, so to speak. There is no denying it. After near-death via suicide, my brother’s death, a stay in a psych ward after my mid-life/career identity crisis and other experiences, I’m back as strong and wise as ever.

When you believe in something so very deeply, it transcends the worst of times. I’m so driven to succeed that there’s a beast within driving me to greatness through purpose. It just so happens that Adult ADHD and mental health in general are at the very beginning in many ways as far as society’s awareness is concerned. What a perfect time to make my mark toward humanity by doing what I can to help get the word out, be brutally honest about my past, and show others that you CAN be successful in this life despite the darkest of despair that may come! Life is a journey, and I’ve known since high school that I wanted to make a difference for others. I just didn’t know why the hell I kept burning out when it came to goals and ambitions. My Adult ADHD diagnosis changed everything, and now I’ve got the green light to share my story for the sake of others going through hard times! Look at this statistic:

There are 9,000,000 adults in the US with ADHD. Only 15% of them know they have it.

…I’d say I’m in the right place at the right time to make a massive success story out of my darkest moments. That’s what I called blessed. I hear my calling.

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