Becoming a Published Author While Working Full-Time!

Inspirational Author Jeff Emmerson is Driven to Succeed and Motivate Others!

Inspirational Author Jeff Emmerson is Driven to Succeed and Motivate Others!

by Jeff Emmerson

Wow, did I learn a powerful lesson this week! It was rough being in the middle of it, but it was the best thing I could have done to ensure personal success. Here’s what happened:

I started a new job that involved a very thorough background check, and paid quite well. I passed the checks, got the job offer, and was really excited to start a long-term career with a new company! Then, the wheels fell off…

The company morale was terrible, I quickly came to learn. I also realized that I’m not well-suited for the type of work I was doing, either. I prefer the security industry, since I’ve done security work for years, I love the public relations aspect, and I really love being entrusted to work independently. Without going into too much detail, I let the company know that I wasn’t finding it to be a good fit, and I resigned. That was the best thing I could have done! I’m getting to the point – stay with me…

After talking with my wife and realizing that I had to stop applying to the highest paying jobs for the sake of the cash, I remembered what I truly love doing – security work! I love the mobile (car) patrol jobs that offer variety, independence and responsibility, but don’t love slugging boxes all day from a truck to office buildings, sweating and aching after a 10-hour day. Nope – not for me. The point is that I had to “get out of my own way” and get my security guard licence and return to the industry I love!

Why do I say all this? Simple: To become a published author and be successful in life, one must be somewhat happy with their day (or night) job. Otherwise, everything crumbles, I’d be miserable, and my passion for becoming an author would suffer! I was already dreading coming to work at the new job, and it was only my third day! Enough was enough.

Being an inspirational author, I lead by example in my own way. I need to do that to have credibility and to “show” as well as “tell” people about my life to help motivate them and be successful. This might sound simple, but after moving across the country and trying a couple of jobs I was miserable with, it quickly got frustrating, and I was feeling pretty bad. Thank goodness my wife and I put our heads together and helped me get the hell out of my own way to ensure success in writing and in everyday life!

I simply will NOT stop until I’m a published author! I WILL get there, and I will learn and grow as life continues to throw me opportunities to learn. Everyone can do this! It simply takes creativity and vision, especially during the rough times where tough decisions must be made with the bigger picture in mind.

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