Letting Go Helped Me Finish My Story Once and For All!

 ADHD Inspirational Author Jeff Emmerson

Letting go of a career goal recently (after 16 years) truly brought my life back to where it should be!

by Jeff Emmerson

It’s just before 5am here in Calgary as I type this, and I feel a huge sense of release as I look back on the last few weeks. We moved across Canada, left our home province behind, and started a new life where the economy is amazing, the mountains are awe-inspiring, and jobs are plentiful. I tried to get into one last armoured car company out here, but didn’t get in due to my past. Thank God!

In short hindsight, the sixteen-year mission I was on (I even have a tattoo related to it) to work in the armed guard industry would have killed me at some point if I had continued to cling to it for dear life, attaching my worth to being in the uniform and entrusted to the nines. It’s a long story, but it’s explained in my up-coming inspirational memoir. The key for this post is to let people know how “chasing a dream” contributed to my being in a psych ward on the verge of suicide at one point. Be careful what you chase, and what you wish for.

I was also diagnosed with Adult ADHD at the age of thirty-five, which rocked my world. I suspect I have had the condition since I was quite young, and a lot of my past now makes sense as a result, but now that I know what I know, I also realized it was time to let go of this damn monkey that’s been on my back for so many years! Ironically, I aspire to become a published author and reach millions across the world! That’s just a tad bigger than being a glorified security guard. I had something to prove, though. Something was missing inside, and letting go recently made so much stress and tension melt that I truly feel I can move on with my life to be happier, more productive, and definitely healthier! Saying goodbye to that stress has been a Godsend already.

Is there an area in your life where letting go could help re-kindle your own passion for life? I know it has for me. I now see a new world of options, possibilities and beauty. Thank God I let go and moved on once and for all. Thank God I never took my own life……what a waste that would have been!

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