An Inspirational Story to Motivate You Through Thick and Thin!

Inspirational Author Jeff Emmerson after Checking Himself Into the Psych Ward

Inspirational Author Jeff Emmerson After Checking Himself Into the Psych Ward

by Jeff Emmerson

The photo is a haunting one from a dark period not very long ago. I knew I had Adult ADHD, but I was still “spinning my wheels” and getting in my own way when it came to clinging to a career goal I’d had since 1997. I was both sabotaging myself and not letting go. I was also contemplating suicide. Visualizing it, imagining the freedom it would bring me from the crushing weight of the shame I was feeling was a form of sweet release for me amongst the tears at the time, and I had been there once before, in 2011. But what about my wife and our pets? What about THEM?

…I’ve seen darkness, and we all have in our own ways. Everything is relative, so we can’t “compare” the level of pain we’ve felt, but what we can do, and should be doing, is supporting each other through thick and thin! So with that in mind, let me introduce my up-coming inspirational story entitled Success By Choice: A Story of ADHD, Depression and Determination. The manuscript is currently being looked over by my editor while in Hawaii, and we will be creating a masterpiece in the months to come. I share my greatest struggles, hopes, fears and the will to survive through hell and back in these pages, and they aren’t for the faint of heart.

From growing up with ADHD without knowing it (judging by some of my patterns of behaviour) to family trauma, my brother’s suicide, steroid use, to trying to achieve dreams along the way, my near-death experience, a decade-long mission that nearly broke me, and a lot more (yes, a lot more along the journey to finding myself and getting answers!), this is one story that will hit people deeply and inspire them as well!

All of us have the ability to overcome traumas that we think would crush us into the ground, but you don’t always know that until you go through it. Some of us make it, and some of us don’t, however. I’ve found that the support from others has been a major key toward my surviving some horrific times and making it to the successful life I am now enjoying! Support is absolutely critical to living a full, satisfying life. None of us can do it alone.

Please help spread the word about this blog, my up-coming book, and let’s help others who need it like I did!

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